I'm Having Issues Syncing My Calendar With AddEvent!

For every sprint, we utilize a service called AddEvent that allows you to add our calendar events for sprint notifications to your personal calendar. This link can be found in the syllabus for your sprint. If you're missing this link or having trouble finding it, please check your Sprint Center under the "Documents" section of the specific sprint to find it linked there.

Below are some common troubleshooting issues with AddEvent; if your issue is not resolved in these options, please contact the Support Team. A member of the Support Team will be in contact with you shortly.


I selected an email client but my device isn't opening it in the one I picked!

Description: You select an option from the AddEvent calendar (for example, Google) but your computer opens it in a different calendar (for example, Apple Calendar or Outlook).

Solution: This is typically caused by the default settings on your device. Your device has settings on what it will use to open a type of file (such as a calendar file), which may not match the calendar you prefer to be using. You can find information about how to change this in your Windows or Mac settings, as well as a number of general online guides to changing your setting. Once you've done this, try to re-add the calendar from AddEvent again.

I use Outlook but I can't pick which option on the drop-down menu is the right one.

Description: When you go to AddEvent, there are multiple options for 'Outlook'- labeled. It can be confusing to determine which is the correct one to select if you use Outlook as your primary email.

Solution: The correct option depends on how you use Outlook.

1. If you use Outlook as an app on your computer (not in the Internet browser), use the yellow Outlook option.

2. If you use Outlook via an Internet browser by going to Outlook.com, use the blue Outlook.com option.

3. If you use Outlook and also have a license to any other Microsoft product (such as Word or Excel), use the red Office 365 option.

If you are unsure which way you use Outlook online, try the blue Outlook.com option first, then the red Office 365 option.

My calendar is added on one device but will not show on another.

Description: When your calendar has been added on one device you use (such as your computer) but is not showing on another (such as your phone).

Solution: When you update a calendar, it takes a period of time to update across all areas based on the calendar you're using. However, you may need to sync your calendar between devices to get this to update. Some common options can be found below:

Syncing Google Calendar with Android or iPhone

Syncing iCloud Calendar Across Devices

Microsoft: Can't sync calendar and contacts with my phone or tablet

If you cannot find your situation here, we recommend looking at the user guide for your device.

If your situation does not fit the above examples, please contact the Support Team. A member of the Support team will be in contact with you ASAP.

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